We design, manufacture and install quality kitchens, bedroom furniture, fully fitted wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, walk in wardrobes, free standing coordinating furniture, all tailor made to your requirements.

Whereas most furniture is made in large quantities and limited sizes our aim is to make furniture that is right for you and your room.

We believe that both form and function go hand in hand. As such, pieces are custom-designed so that a client’s aesthetic goals are merged with their functional demands on the piece. You have control over all aspects of the design: the style, size and choice of materials and finish.  We build furniture  to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Our ability to custom size lets you make the best use of your floor plan by turning the space around architectural elements, such as windows and columns, into usable living space. Capacity is increased, yet comfort is never compromised.


Portfolio Gallery
Address: Furniture Studio Pro Log
26, Tzar Ivan Shishman Str,
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 52 608 164
E-mail: prolog.furniture@gmail.com

Our opening hours are from 11.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday

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